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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Done

      I shouldn't really say it's done since the "hangers" and the leaves are just pinned on, but I wanted to see how it looked before doing the hand work.  This piece is different from anything I've ever attempted.  I started with a pretty vague idea after looking at some photos of eucalyptus trees taken at UCLA last March with my grandson.  I loved the colors and texture of the bark.  Later, as I was reorganizing my fiber drawer I and came across two packets of silk "stuff" that whispered an idea .  . .   I'm calling it "Eucalyptus Dreams."

       The leaves were constructed by sewing leaf shapes on two layers of bamboo batting, cutting them out and then painting them with grayish shades of green.   I hand sewed the clusters together with linen thread.  Puzzling out how to hang the piece sent me to a nearby arboretum;  I came home with several pieces of fallen eucalyptus branches.  (The other pieces are sitting outside waiting--perhaps a series?)


  1. How stunning! Love the idea - and results = of using bamboo batting for leaves. Keep 'em coming girl!

  2. What a beautiful piece!! Love the colors.