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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Pile of Scraps

      I decided to try something different to get ready for Valentine's Day.  Postcards!!  I dug out my very limited Arizona stash and sorted the pink, white, cream, silky, sheer, glitzy fabrics into a small pile.  After cutting an 18 by 24 inch piece of batting, I started slicing up the pile and collaging the pieces into some kind of balanced whole.  I pinned them down and carefully free-motion stitched it all together.  (Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture . . .)

 Using a couple of quick watercolor sketches of roses, I photographed and input them into my Photoshop program.  I printed the images onto tea bags using a super step-by-step tutorial from Judy Coates Perez .  After applying Misty Fuse to the backs of the teabag roses, I trimmed and applied them strategically to the collaged piece, then cut it into 4x6 inch pieces and began looking for further embellishments.  Stay tuned!!!


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