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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Journal

     I finally finished constructing my "HIGHLY PRIZED" journal today and decided to share: 

     I was very excited by an article in the newest Cloth Paper Scissors in which the authors constructed a small journal using a file folder and decorative papers.  Since that journal wouldn't be big enough to hold the water-color pages I had in mind, I set about expanding their idea by using two folders ( and part of another).  I also made use of my own hand-printed fabric instead of paper and added some small clips to hold my entries in place. 

     Yesterday I spent the morning driving around with my camera and watercolor pack, looking for inspiration and simply enjoying myself.  I took lots of pictures of "my mountains" and then ended up on the side of the road sketching and painting one view of three mountain ranges from my car:  Superstitions (my nearest favorite); Four Peaks (farthest vista); and the wonderful Goldfields.  I LOVE them all!

      I also stopped often to clip small sprigs of  leafy (not cacti this time) plants to take home and sketch.  The desert is very conservative with green leaves:  they are usually small, often waxy, and sometimes thorny, but appreciated (highly prized!) by all. 

     I will slip these pages into my journal  (along with my binoculars sketch--see previous post) and keep working to fill the remaining slots (grandchildren, daughters, birds, books, Bernina--hmmmmm).  I will probably add some other embellishment as I go.  Next month will hold another themed challange and perhaps a similar journal--I'm still pondering . . .     

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  1. I can just see you with your paints by the side of the road, Mom. I still don't get the whole Arizona (Mars) attraction, but you clearly are having fun. The watercolors are beautiful - shockingly, my favorite is your one with greenery.