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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stuff Boxes

     I started something new this week (also got this idea from Jane LaFazio) which I am going to call Stuff Boxes.  I'm using my recently-painted fabric and some upcycled "stuff."

     This was my first box:  torn up jeans (including a pocket) and scraps of painted fabric fused to heavy-duty interfacing and stitched together.  I turned it into an art bin.

     This kinda shows the interior of the box.  I put a couple of small plastic containers inside to separate my pens and puff paint.  Also a small journal.  I love it!!!

     And here's another, made in the same way, but smaller (5 x 5 instead of 6 x6).  This time I didn't use jeans, only the fabric I had painted last week, both inside and out, and I even constructed a simple pocket on the front.  I also added a divider for the inside (I found out it perfectly fits 4 empty Activia yogurt containers to hold the STUFF!).  This one may end up in the shop.

And one final box:  I took some pictures of the final stages before finishing.

     This one's a bit different.  I found an old wool vest that had been taking up storage space since I retired from teaching (13 years ago!!!) and decided it would be fun to use.  Pairing the vest with cut up jeans, I again fused each piece to the interfacing and stitched around the whole thing with yarn.

     Here's the inside of the box--just jeans (dug out of same cedar closet as vest). 

     And the finished box.  I'm thinking this could be another use for all of that felted wool tucked away in bags from last year's sweater explosion (I have 5 milk crates full). 

     My Book Box, which sits beside my chair and holds library books and bookmarks perfectly.  Yippee!

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