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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fun New Book!!!

    Last week I ordered a new book from Interweave Press, Sew Wild, by Alisa Burke. and received it on Monday.  Since then I have been facinated by all of the great processes and projects included in its colorful pages, AND there's a DVD which inspires to the max.  I have resolved to work my way through the entire book, one technique at a time.

     This is a partially-completed piece which started out as a 15 x 18 inch gelatin print that I didn't like very much (Alisa used white broadcloth in the book, but I decided to recycle).  The rest is black Sharpie pen and a lot of fun doodling. I actually finished it last night and already have plans to tear it up for bits and pieces here and there.  I can visualize at least one Art X 3, and the book has loads of ideas for using scraps. 

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