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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Playing with Old Fabric

     I was digging through a box labeled "sheer scraps" when I happened across a piece that caught my eye.

     I have no idea when or where I acquired this, but I love the flower shapes and the graceful stems flowing across the black background.

     After layering the sheer onto black "suede," batting, and backing, I free-motioned with gold metallic thread across the whole piece.  Unfortunately, the white flowers grayed a bit against the black, so I opened my new package of Lumiere minis and picked a bottle of Pearl White. (Actually, I put down a layer of plain old white craft paint on each flower before adding the Lumiere--this stopped the more expensive stuff from simply sinking into the fabric.)  After everything dried, the texture of the flowers felt like satin!  Yummy.

     And  the completed fabric became a wine caddie for the shop.  I usually try to make quite a few new and different designs of these to be ready for Christmas (more in the planning stages!). 

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