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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Journal

     I first sketch/painted a piece of left-over gelatin print (again) using a black Sharpie and various fabric pens.  This time I selected analogous colors that would blend in with the background and not make it muddy (you can best see the original print colors in the large oak leaves).

     I really enjoy this process, especially using leaves.  Notice the sample color dots up in the upper left-hand corner--this really helped me see how the colors would work on the previously-dyed fabric.  After completing the design, I made a quilt sandwich and free-motion stitched with black thread across the whole piece.  Then I constructed the journal as usual:

The front

and the back (notice I included the color dots).  The colors of the whole piece are more intense on the actual fabric.  When I took the photo, there was a shadow on the right half and I had to lighten it with Photoshop, making the final result a bit faded.  Darn.  Oh well, I still had fun creating the design.

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