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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twelve Square 1

     OK, so I'm starting another new project. . . . inspired by a blog that I follow (Cynthia St. Charles again).  This time she is planning to create a small (12 x 12 inches) collaged quilt once a week until she reaches 100.  Yikes!  I know better than to even think about matching her goal, but I like the idea of creating something small and abstract, not unlike the prayer flags but less haphazard.  So here goes.

     I started with some leftover scraps from last year's projects (sound familiar?), added fusible to the pieces, arranged them into a "composition" on a square of felt, and ironed them in place. 

     After affixing each piece with free-motion zigzag, I dug out a paper chickadee (also from last year) and found a place for him that seemed to work, but I wasn't satisfied with the center of the background.  Soooo, I sorted through my scraps again, added  five more pieces to the whole, and was much happier with the result.

      Now the chickadee is stamped on fabric and painted with acrylic paints, fused to felt, and cut out to perch on a branch in the tangle of branches and berries.  Really fast and fun.

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  1. Well send that chickadee our way!! Have had NO birds at my feeder for a month. Stupid hawks. Love the winterberry fabric.