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Friday, January 20, 2012

And Again. . . .

    OK, no more excuses!  I've just been lazy and gotten out of the habit of blogging--so even though New Year's resolutions should have already been in place, I'm going to try again. 

    For a quick catch-up:  I am no longer a member of the artist's co-op back in Michigan (except on consignment); I have joined a quilting group here in AZ; I am still creating my own fabric; I am playing with new ideas and processes; I am having fun!!!

    One quick project which I have been trying is to create a "prayer flag" each week (see Jane La Fazio's blog).  These small hangings are put together with various scraps of printed, painted, and purloined "fabric" (and anything else that is just laying around) with one word that inspires me to create.  Very fun and relaxing to make.  I have them hanging outside on my back patio.

     Since they only measure @ 6" X 10" it is sometimes difficult to work in the message, but that is part of the challange.  I'm trying to come up with different ways of creating the letters each week.  (We'll see how long that lasts. . .)

     Prayer Flag #3.  Monoprinted background, printed scraps, a photo transfer (transparency w/gel medium)
from a trip to Mexico, pieces of a cut-up placemat, and seedpods.  Simple and satisfying.


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