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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Quickie

     I'm really trying--to get back into blogging everyday (opps, skipped yesterday--went on a (quilt) shophop, visited a really impressive Art Quilt Show in Chandler, AZ, had a super time, and spent some money).  I also have to start remembering to take more photos of my work in progress--out of that habit, too.

     This potholder was made using the simple collage, messy stitching method I used to make some of my stash boxes, but the bindings were new for me.  Back in MI when I constructed other holders, I had lots of fabric to make the bias edges--here my stash is limited, so I purchased a pack of blue tape.  Not happy with the look of the plain blue, I dug out my small eraser stamps (used this summer in several of my journal posts) and stamped along the length of the tape with three colors of fabric paint.  I'm very pleased with the results and will definitely use this process again!

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  1. Love the binding edge!! Very pretty. it's snowing up a storm here...first one all winter.