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Monday, January 23, 2012

Prayer Flag 4

      I finished my fourth prayer flag in just a little over an hour this morning.  Keeping a handy bag of scraps with little bits and pieces of various projects and a folder of leftovers from this summer's journaling makes it easy to sit down and put together a new flag quickly.

       The crows and "target" were a test stamp on paper which I printed (copied actually) on a scrap of fabric taped to printer paper; the shiny piece at center bottom is a crumpled candy wrapper found in a pocket;  the bright pink items are actually bougainvillea blossoms which I picked up in the street (they are covered generously with gloss medium to adhere and protect); and finally, the letters were constructed from black fabric which was free-motion "quilted," painted with Lumiere, cut out individually, and glued down with fabric adhesive.  This flag soon joined my other flags on the patio.

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