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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Organization Sunday 3

    Another visit to IKEA and a few tweaks to my work space:

     I found this wooden lazy Susan in the kitchen section and added an inexpensive rubberized mat to the top.  It holds all of my pens and pencils, a few adhesives, and tucked behind is a box of baby wipes--very necessary to the mixed-media process!

     Another one of my IKEA finds--a wire desk-top letter file which perfectly holds my works-in-progress.  I always have several projects waiting to be finished, and this small stacked bin keeps them handy, organized,  and in plain sight.  I can keep all of the various bits and pieces together until inspiration (or a deadline) hits. 

     My favorite part of this wire bin system is that I can remove one section and carry it with me to my evening workspace (comfy chair and TV) where I can do handwork (beading/embroidery) or into my wet studio where I can add paint, etc.  Love it!!!

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