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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Organization Sunday 2

Posting two days in a row--Wow.  I really am capable of sticking to a plan (for a short time, anyway).  And I do like the idea of getting more organized in small, underwhelming projects.  One a week--I can handle that . . . .

     As seen above, I already have some semblence of an organized system:  wonderful shelving unit from IKEA, storage boxes, even labels on most of the boxes.  However, if you pull out almost any box and look inside--CHAOS.

     This is what would greet me when I pulled out my box labeled Fibers:  plastic baggies filled with wool roving, silk roving, silk hankies,  embroidery flosses,  yarn scraps, hand-dyed threads, and one large bag of
MISCELLANEOUS.  In order to find anything, I'd usually have to haul out the whole mess and sort.  So--

     These two sizes of small plastic boxes were purchased quite inexpensively at my nearby Hobby Lobby and work perfectly.  The larger ones are around 7x5x4, and the smaller ones, 3x5x3.  I separated the wool roving into warm and cool colors, and so on, labeling each box on top.

     Here are my flosses (cool box, warm box), my own hand-dyed threads from a class, yarn scraps (still in semi-sorted baggies) and finally a small open box with cards of special embellishments, etc.  Wowsie, I'm impressed!!!

     And finally, my unbelieveably organized stash of fibers!!!!  The plastic boxes stack easily inside the storage box in three layers.  I do have to unstack to find a specific box, but I try to keep the least-used items at the bottom.  Anyway, so far this works for me.  Hmmmm, what next?

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