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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilted Collage

     OK.  I'm back in MI and getting things organized, AGAIN.  No excuses for not blogging (both my camera and Photoshop were giving me fits), but I'm determined to try AGAIN.

     I love putting together these small 12 x 12s from left-over bits and pieces.  This one contains scraps from my gelatin prints, some older screen printing, one length from a fabric-pen design, and several "new-process" pieces (more about that later!).


     After fusing the background onto a square of felt, I zigzagged the edges and free-motioned each individual piece.  Then came the fun part--more digging and sorting my pile of trimmings from previously quilted projects.  Selecting several in the "right" colors, I cut them into small squares and rectangles, laid them out across the collage, and stitched them in place.  I'm calling this one "Spring Song."

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