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Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Fabrics

     Just before leaving Arizona, I experimented with a new process (for me) using my old standby fabric paint--Setacolor.  Although I had always known about its sun-printing qualities, I had never tried it out.  OH MY!!!!  Now I'm hooked, big time.  However, what was easy in AZ (with 10 hours of bright sunshine nearly every day) is going to be a challenge here in Michigan--especially in the unpredictible spring weather.  Luckily I did print up several pieces before my return to gray skies:

     I first painted my base (recycled white sheets) with several shades of green Setacolor and placed two or three plastic stencils across the surface.  I then carried the print pad (plywood covered with felt) out onto the back padio and placed it on a table in full sun. It didn't take long for the prints to appear, but I waited until the paint was completely dry before removing the stencils.  The wierd thing is--the lighter areas appear under the areas that are covered.  Hmmmm.  After heat setting, I printed directly on the fabric using the same stencils and some of my stamps.  This is really a fast and fun process!


      Mipad Cover using the new fabric.  I love it!

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