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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Hidden Mess!!!

     So far, when sharing  my AZ studio space, I've only show photos of my wonderful large room where I spend most of time each my day.  However, I also have a small "wet room"  (actually my laundry) in which there is a "slop" sink and workbench.  This is where I do most of my fabric design--painting, printing, stenciling, etc., and where I can make a BIG MESS and then shut the door.

Painting cactus on canvas to be made into totes.

Another view of the workbench

Slop sink---the real mess which seldom gets cleaned---but is my favorite part of this small room.

     The surface of my washer and dryer is a perfect place to lay out my fabric pieces in so I can work on several things at a time. 

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