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Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Stuff

     Here's a pile of leftovers from previous reorganizating.

     So I made my first (this season) trip to IKEA, and after a few hours of sweating, swearing, cranking  screws and hammering pegs:  BEHOLD the new book unit.  It sits just inside my studio's sliding glass door where I come in from outside, has a handy place for my purse, keys, and sunglasses (I need to find some cool little holders), fits my baskets, holds books, and still has empty spaces waiting to be filled.  Love it.

     For a little additional spiffing, I quickly put together this backrest using a thrift store tablecloth I had picked up last year and a cheap body pillow.  I cut up the cloth and sewed it back together in less than a half hour (just don't look too closely)!  Now it needs a few additional throws. . . .

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