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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back Again--in Arizona

    Finally settled--almost. . . .  It always takes me a while to get everything (and I mean a lot of stuff that somehow gets stuffed in my car and follows me to AZ) unpacked and stashed away.  I headed west on November 4, arrived on the 6th, and yesterday was the first day I really started doing ART!!!


     I brought sooooo much more stuff with me this year and really had no place to put everything. . . .  (had to make several emergency trips to JoAnn and Michaels for more storage and do a lot of restructuring) but at last, I'm almost functional (at least my worktop is).

Ahhhhh.  Note small stuff box made especially to fit my NeoColor II crayons, Pastels, Grafitint pencils, and various sets of artist ink pens.  Love it!!!

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