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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Long Time; No Blog

     It is very hard to come back after being gone so long--I've forgotten how to do Stuff!!  I'll probably spend most of my time editing after I finally post.

 Anyway:  1)  I'm back in Michigan  2)  I spent the whole month of May birding with my buddies  3)  I worked hard the month of June playing catch-up and working at the shop  4)  I made a life-altering decision to change from being a member/owner of the Imagine That artist's co-op, to simply becoming a consignment artist.  5)  I've been having a whole bunch of fun expanding my art-journaling techniques.

A wonderful art journaler named Paula Phillips, better known as journalartista,  has a set of  beautifully informative live videos on Ustream, and I am totally hooked.   I've started journaling every day and am also in the process of setting up several more journals for different purposes.  I LOVE IT!!!  I am still:  1) doing art projects for the shop  2)  cleaning my basement  3)  organizing my stash, books, drawers, etc., etc., etc.  BUT I now have time to play, and I'm wallowing.

     The above are two examples of pages in my working art journal.  I usually begin a new page spread after dinner one day and finish it the next morning before starting other projects.  Right now I am experimenting with new paint and paper techniques, so every new page is a challenge (sometimes an uphill battle!), but I find you don't give up on a page--you just add another layer.

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