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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Struggling

     I had good intentions of blogging every 2-3 days, BUT. . .  I have been visiting one of my daughters at her cottage in upper MI and my internet doesn't work there.  I did, however, take a few of my journaling supplies up with me.

     These included:  gel medium,  Portfolio water-soluble oil pastels, water-soluble crayons, Golden transparent yellow oxide, a black ink pad, and my box of stamps (I only used one script stamp and my set of hand-carved erasers).  I also brought a folder of scrap papers and my collection of magazine images.  With these limited materials, I produced five double-paged journal entries and had a lot of fun!!!

     Since I feel that I learned a lot through using only a few supplies, I have decided to continue with these same materials for the next few days.  I really like to work around a theme (my first journal pages all included a small inset of a "carved" woman's face {downloaded from Milliande's Art Journal free pages} and a picture of a bird).  These new pages will all use a magazine photo of a woman to match the colors and other items that seem to fit.  I'm still having FUN.

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