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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Organization Sunday 4

    Whee!  Almost didn't make it.  I've been having too much fun art journaling and making ATC cards (may show them later).  Yes, I did get my quota of  HAVE TO DO stuff done today, including taking the photos for my organizing project, but-- I almost forgot to blog.

     Definitely a candidate, right?  This is the small cupboard in which I keep all of my various and sundry fusibles, freezer paper, and parchment, etc.  I usually put the left-over scraps into a baggie and stick it into the "black hole"  (sometimes never to be seen again).  After hauling everything out, I tried to sort the mess into like piles, but I still had no idea how to keep them straight.

     At Target I found this stacking shelf.  It fit inside the cupboard, but didn't leave any room for stacking!  My bolt of double-sided fusible pellon fit nicely on top, but not much else.  The shelf left a lot of open space underneath, but I couldn't figure out what to do with it.  So I went to Home Depot.

     Presto!   I know I have seen this somewhere before, but I'm impressed with my luck.  I bought a 10 ft. length of 3" PVC pipe, had a poor young guy saw it (by hand) into six 20" lengths, and paid all of $5.99 for my storage solution.  I sanded off the ends and planned to glue the sides together with the special PVC glue, but I couldn't get the $#%& can open.  Oh well, it works anyway. 

     Finished product:  I pasted a label on each tube and added a small plastic tray which sits nicely on top and holds my Misty Fuse.  I am happy.

     This is the offending can of glue:  I tried running it under hot water, tapping with a screw driver, using pliers, and swearing.  NOTHING worked.  I guess I'll just have to wait until a pair of strong hands materialize. . . .  Which reminds me,  I may not be doing any organizing for a few Sundays.  My oldest grandson is coming out from New York this coming Saturday, staying for 10 days, and we plan to hit the road.  When he leaves, I will only have a few days before I have to head back to MI.  So, I have a feeling this blog may be dry for a few weeks.  Never fear; I shall return. 

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