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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Few More Pages

     OK, so I'm stalling.  I really should be painting some fabric background for one last project that needs to be completed before heading home, but. . . .

     Hands are facinating.  Besides our big brains, the structure of our hands is what makes us human.  My anatomy book provided some great design possibilities, so I cut out each piece, intertwined the fingers, and made the first page of another section:  Hands.  Not sure what will follow, but I've got some ideas.

     And another section:  Self.  I had fun picking out the papers for the letters, the pictures of me were all lifted from photos taken Christmas 2010 by one of my grandchildren, but the background paper (too shiny) doesn't translate well.  I may end up adding some black pen scribbles or something to tone down the GREEN.

     Can you tell this is my first self-portrait?  Ms. Frankenstein.  OK, so it's another blind drawing (which probably needs a blind viewer, too), prompted again by Jane Davies.  This time I needed a mirror (had to purchase one at the dollar store!) and a white crayon.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I drew my face (?) with the white crayon on white paper (couldn't cheat even if you want to), and then painted over the result with watercolor.  Why did I choose green, AGAIN?  This is a very humbling experience, but at least I can use the excuse that I couldn't SEE what I was doing.

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