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Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Sunprints

This is my busy month:  I've been birding (birdwatching) since the last weekend of April, traveling to the Upper Peninsula of MI. down to Ohio, then into Ontario (Point Pelee) and finally up to Tawas Point in eastern MI. Whee.  Lots of birds. fun with good friends, and snatching a few hours of fabric painting in between trips!!

     I sunprinted this piece with leaves picked outside my back door, then added texture with some punchinella dots and small stamped flowers--really simple, fast and fun.

This is one part of the whole piece after quilting with varigated thread,

 a somewhat enlarged view of the pocket piece.

and the finished MiPad cover.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pink Celery Roses

     My eldest daughter informed me that she loved my green celery roses and wanted the resulting cover for her iPad.  However, she also said that she has been wearing a lot of pink, so I decided to try another celery stamp.  Here are two samples of the new roses so she can have her pick--old green, Pink 1 or Pink 2 (her birthday is coming up SOON).

Pink Celery Roses I is already completed.

Pink Celery Roses II is cut out and ready. 

OK, sweetie, make your choice.  I'm taking taking the "leftovers" in to consignment tomorrow!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Celery Roses

    I bought a fresh bunch of celery this week and after trimming the bottom off, I remembered once using the remains as a "stamp."  However, this being a busy week, I set it aside and left it to wither.  Hmmmm.

Since results still looked tempting, I set up my printing tools and chose my paint colors--greens again with a touch of blue.

Below is the quilted body and pocket before trimming. . . .

and the resulting MiPad Cover.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New "MiPad" Covers

     I have been working hard this past week trying to turn the new fabric I created in AZ into covers for iPads (or other electronic tablets).  This involves "painting" (actually a quick wash of color) fabrics for the lining, free-motion quilting the top layer (fabric, batting, backing) and the lining (fabric and felt), bonding the two layers together, adding a pocket, and finishing the edges.  Whee.  Lots of steps, but I enjoy them all.

     I'm having problems with my server or the new format of my blogger page, so I can't publish anything more.  I'll try again later.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

And More Fabric

     On this piece the stencil outlines show clearly in the background.  I really want to start using natural materials as "masks" (in AZ leaves and small flowers are in short supply), but will have to wait until time and weather cooperate here in MI.

     Here I tried using artificial flowers over the paint to make my initial print, but unfortunately, the silk flowers were too transparent to shut out the sun's rays.  There were some partial prints, but nothing very distinct.  Oh well, I went ahead and stamped over it with my own "flowers."

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Fabrics

     Just before leaving Arizona, I experimented with a new process (for me) using my old standby fabric paint--Setacolor.  Although I had always known about its sun-printing qualities, I had never tried it out.  OH MY!!!!  Now I'm hooked, big time.  However, what was easy in AZ (with 10 hours of bright sunshine nearly every day) is going to be a challenge here in Michigan--especially in the unpredictible spring weather.  Luckily I did print up several pieces before my return to gray skies:

     I first painted my base (recycled white sheets) with several shades of green Setacolor and placed two or three plastic stencils across the surface.  I then carried the print pad (plywood covered with felt) out onto the back padio and placed it on a table in full sun. It didn't take long for the prints to appear, but I waited until the paint was completely dry before removing the stencils.  The wierd thing is--the lighter areas appear under the areas that are covered.  Hmmmm.  After heat setting, I printed directly on the fabric using the same stencils and some of my stamps.  This is really a fast and fun process!


      Mipad Cover using the new fabric.  I love it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quilted Collage

     OK.  I'm back in MI and getting things organized, AGAIN.  No excuses for not blogging (both my camera and Photoshop were giving me fits), but I'm determined to try AGAIN.

     I love putting together these small 12 x 12s from left-over bits and pieces.  This one contains scraps from my gelatin prints, some older screen printing, one length from a fabric-pen design, and several "new-process" pieces (more about that later!).


     After fusing the background onto a square of felt, I zigzagged the edges and free-motioned each individual piece.  Then came the fun part--more digging and sorting my pile of trimmings from previously quilted projects.  Selecting several in the "right" colors, I cut them into small squares and rectangles, laid them out across the collage, and stitched them in place.  I'm calling this one "Spring Song."